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DogRepellers -Anti Bark Control Device Waterproof Dog Anti Barking

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Prevent your neighbors from complaining about your dog with DogRepellers!

DogRepeller is the next generation of bark control, a gadget that stops dogs from barking. It can assist to keep your dog from barking for up to 24 hours. The gadget has three operating modes. They can be engaged in a certain order to alter modes. This is the most often used anti-barking gadget. The product is waterproof due to the use of a specific material. A high-quality microchip is incorporated into the electronic control panel. It may be used to train your pet.


Long-range effectivity - The region indoors and outside is covered by the 33-foot range of sound penetration. It entirely frees up your hands compared to the conventional dog training tool. By adjusting the knob, you can simply train the dog's behavior. The 33-foot (10-meter) wide control range may be used to stop the neighbor's dog from barking at you and your family.

Dog barking stopper - By providing a steady sound that only dogs can hear, the barking control gadget instructs the dog to avoid the irritating voice that triggers the barking. The gadget only functions when the dog stops barking; there is no irritating spray gas, electric shock, or beeping voice. The bark deterrent gadget is safe for both human and canine hearing.

Easy installation and waterproof - To stop your dog or your neighbor's dog from barking, the gadget is made to be mounted or easily hung from a tree, wall, or fence post. Ensure that the bark controller is facing the dog that is within range and is free from any obstacles.

Rechargeable and durable - After five hours of complete charging, the battery can operate continuously for 10-15 days. The warning of low battery power ensures that you charge on time. The gadget has a longer lifespan thanks to the durable ABS IPX4 waterproof casing, which may be placed or hung anywhere indoors or out.