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PlushyTunnel Bed- Cat Tunnel Bed

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 It's a lovely and functional cat tunnel nest that combines a toy tunnel and a cat bed, as well as built-in sound paper and toys. Make it more enjoyable. Each end of the tube has scratching toys attached to it. Maintain movement and exercise for your dogs. When they need to rest, they can also take a nap.


Warm & Cozy - It has a suede fabric that is soft and durable, as well as a non-skid bottom. The detachable and easy-to-clean mat, as well as the gorgeous site bed curtains, satisfy the cat's desire to hide and provide a sense of security.

Easy-to-store - It is lightweight and portable, and the tunnel may be folded to save room when not in use.

Ideal Gift - It's the perfect option for cat lovers and pals with other tiny pets. Also, to our kitties, to provide them with a wonderful resting experience.