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ScrubBrush- Dog Paw Cleaner

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Brush and Clean your dog paws with ScrubBrush Dog Paw Cleaner!

Pets are really a handful most of the time and more often messy. We have a product that you will surely be interested in buying. A product that will help you clean your dog's paws without a hassle. Very easy to use and very handy. It’s also portable so you can bring it along with you if ever you want to go out with your pets.


Premium Quality- It is made of soft silicone bristles that will not harm your pet. Your pet will feel comfortable using it, and it will be happy while receiving a gentle deep cleansing massage. It is a strong and durable cup made with high-resistance plastic.

Handy & Portable - Perfect to carry on a picnic or walk to the park. Lightweight, easy to assemble. Just roll the silicone brush and put your dog’s paw in the cup, and screw the lid.

Wide Application - It is suitable for small-medium breed pets. Not for tiny dogs below 7 pounds such as Chihuahua, Mini Poodle, Pomeranian, Mini Yorkshire.

Easy to Use - Just assemble and fill the cup with water and dog shampoo. Insert one leg at a time and rotate gently at the same time, then use a towel to dry its paws. The brush can clean dirt, mud, excrement, germs, and any impurities from your pet's paws before entering your home.