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The Pets Margin®️ Electric Pet Nail Trimmer Kit

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Ultra-quiet and low vibration:

Our Nail Trimmer is equipped with an ultra-quiet but powerful motor. It gently removes thin layers of the nail with minimal noise (under 50dB) and vibration so that sensitive pets won't be anxious or scared. Special coated pet-friendly grinder rotates at just the right gentle speed, preventing friction burn.

USB Rechargeable & Portable

The Pet nail grinder includes a rechargeable USB wire. You can charge it with computers, power banks, car chargers, and so on.

Safer Grinding Angle

Pet nail trimmer with a superior motor and whisper-quiet technology that produces a very low vibration for your pets, trimming faster and easier.

Get pets familiar with the smell, shape & sound, or touch their feet without switching it on to reduce fear and resistance. Cut pets' overlong nails with a nail clipper first if required. Choose a speed to file the sharp nails, file slowly when near to the quick, and use no more than 10 seconds each time.

Reward pets with snacks to make them love grinding nails.